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A Workforce Solution Tailored To Your Needs

The VALL Group specializes in providing strategic and comprehensive workforce development plans that establish direction for organizations. These changes are designed to make immediate and direct impacts on workforce development challenges.

Community Organizations

We can help you upskill underemployed, unemployed, and dislocated workers by providing training that simulates today’s work environment. Learn to identify strategies and tools,  to help job seekers be successful in a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Business & Industry

Evaluate your current workforce by engaging with your team to develop strategies to increase retention, build succession planning and upskill your existing talent for the future success of your organization.

Economic Development

Identify the best methods for developing and marketing the skilled workforce to attract new businesses, and strengthen your local and regional economy.  We can help you identify pathways into industry sectors, and build programs, to address skill gaps


How We Help You Build Your Workforce

Our innovative training design promotes improved employee development- whether they are seasoned or brand new to the job. We allow our business partners to experience improved ability to implement specific goals- whether they be training or employee related.

Workforce Development Boards

Ensure your workforce development board is operating at maximum efficiency through Board training designed to help members understand the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act (WIOA), sets performance goals that drive innovation, and utilize all aspects to help the community and the business sectors in your region.

Programs & Operators

Get connected with different players in the workforce development field—including business, education and training providers, unions, trade associations, local governments, and workforce investment boards.

Economic Development & Businesses

Identify high-demand occupations and the associated skilled workforce using labor driven data and creating networking opportunities among jobseekers and employers.

Community Institutions & Organizations

We can help you upskill underemployed, unemployed, and dislocated workers by providing training that simulates today’s work environment. Learn to identify strategies and tools,  to help job seekers be successful in a diverse and inclusive workplace.

Secondary & Post-Secondary Institutions

Learn how to develop innovative and comprehensive career guidance plans for students of all ages. Understand how to create connections with business and industry to align certificates and credentials to the high priority occupations in your region for the success of every student.

Workforce Development Industry

With establishing asset management, succession planning and capacity building to ensure organizational stability through an established process.

Pre-Apprenticeship and Apprenticeship

Provide stepping stones for those interested in building a registered apprenticeship with the U.S. Department of Labor. Assist with building of standards and work processes as well as connections to workforce training organizations who can assist with required training and education.  


The VALL groups works with recently released ex-offenders through career and work readiness programming. Our goal is to provide workforce services to help offenders successfully make the transition from prison to a productive life in the communities in which we serve.

Helping You Train & Retain Great People

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Our Regulations

Many programs offered are under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). The VALL Group maintains updated on all regulations. Many states have individual guidelines and knowledge of regulations that will be thoroughly researched and vetted prior to offering training in those areas.

The VALL Group maintains updates on all regulations.


Department of Labor
Apprenticeship Standards


Department of Education
Career Guidance Standards


PA Department of Education
Career Guidance Standards

Client Testimonials


NE Regional CTE COORD (Retired), North Carolina Dept. Public INS.
Walter Dorsey became the flashlight that illuminated our work. His leadership gave our projects validity. If his enthusiasm for our collaboration wasn’t enough to encourage participation, his reputation allowed him to exert influence on those who were vital to our work.


Executive CMTE Member, WFD Board, Guam
I was impressed with the knowledge of our instructor. He was able to translate his over 30 years’ experience into strategies we all could relate to.

About The VALL Group

Mission Statement

To provide innovative workforce training solutions to organizations and business partners. We strive to provide quality services to our clients that will help their companies prosper and grow.

Principal Members

  • Victor Rodgers–CEO
  • Walter Dorsey–Managing Partner
  • Liz Rodgers–CFO
Walter Dorsey
Victor Rodgers

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